About Me

My name is Yael and I am a resident of Israel. I have been working in the field of translations and literary editing for over 5 years.

As a resident of Israel, my native tongue is Hebrew. I studied literature extensively and I am often prone to reading more then 3 books a month – Some in Hebrew, some in English and some in Swedish.

From a very young age, with the advent of the internet, I became a student of English. This led to a very rich vocabulary in English, as well as a minute understanding of the English language. You will often find me wired to an audio-book when I’m at home, at the supermarket, waiting in line and even when I am at work in the slow hours. Most of the audio-books that I listen to are in English and Swedish, and this helps maintain my language skills, even when I live in Israel and speak Hebrew for the most part.

I spent several years in the lovely country of Sweden and studied the language there. Since then I have engaged in many translation projects from Swedish to Hebrew and English. Swedish is a wonderful language and I had a wonderful time studying it and using it.

My specialties include translating novels and other works of literature, websites, marketing and creative, health and nutrition, etc., from Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew and Swedish to both English and Hebrew.

If you are so inclined and feel that you might wish to work with me as a freelance translator, please contact me for more details at yaelyadan at gmail dot com. Thank you.


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