Amberville by Tim Davys

One of the literary works I am most proud of is called Amberville and it is a novel by Tim Davys, published in Sweden in 2007. The book was translated from Swedish to Hebrew by Ruth Spira and I worked on its literary editing. It was published in 2011 by Mater, a major publishing company here in Israel.

Amberville אמברוויל

Here is a terrific review of the book by Elizabeth A. White. The book got a raving review in Globes, one of Israel’s leading newspapers and was named one of the best books of 2011.

I worked on the book in the winter of 2010, during a vacation in Israel, as I was living in Sweden at the time. Despite my stay in Sweden, I was not immune to the very cold weather of my hometown, and I recall keeping warm by having a blanket on me and a radiator next to me, working with my trustee Swedish-English dictionary at my side. My hometown is situated 900 meters above sea level in the deserts of the Negev. For the most part, the winters in Israel are not so rough, but when you live in such high altitude, you’re bound to freeze a little.

Despite the intense cold, I finished working on the book and handed it in before I returned to Sweden. As it happens, it was during that vacation in Israel that I decided to come back home and leave Beautiful Sweden behind. I missed my family and at 25, it felt like the right time to return.

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